Falling Out Of Love

tinned roof
with not so subtle nuances
catch sky slips

chain links
with holes, vacancies
catch paper skittering

with love desired
catch hearts falling

by Eila Mahima Jaipaul

Comments (7)

Fools have their values all wrong Dollars dont make good companions
Another one of your beautiful and easy to read poems Patricia you do have a way with words about you
a beautiful well penned poem Patricia. i love that first line, you know how to crab someone's attention to get them started.
This is staggeringly fine poetry, the way that the mood shifts and then moves us is awesome Quality poetry by a fine lady of words Take care darling Love duncan X
This one is something that connotes man's polygamous tendencies.... it maybe true for those who can't control to share love to more than one. It may hurt some but shared special moments to many, love is pain sometimes. Very good poetry Patricia. Keep it up. Another 10.
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