A Lonely Night At Louis

Poem By Kathryn Tyler King

Lord, it is so lonely here.
There are folks and kids.
there are many that peer
over here to look at my lids.
Still they don't move for fear
I might not be friendly amid
my place of silence in this chair.

I am so tired this early hour.
Yet, there is no one to share
what You have done with Your power,
In my life that makes me care
for those around with faces sour,
who may never yet even compare
to Your love of the lowest of flowers.

Lord, why is it that I come to You
when I'm tired or sick?
Is it then that I really see You
Though You're not a visible flick?
Bring me to Your wisdom and a clue
for the reason we face conflicts
when there's a wrong turn reaching You.

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