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A Lonely Spirit.
AW (7/09/1940 / Hong Kong)

A Lonely Spirit.

Poem By Albert Wong

A lonely spirit.

Ghosts br br

I am a non-main ghosts

Not even a grain of dust, such as

Sitting on a piece of white clouds

Floating from the East to the West

Hi hope to hear the news of the West

Fortunately, all of a sudden came to the North American
maple-hing Island

Blue Bridge met taught me to Zhuangzi

Ce ma wind granted I flying jump.

Both are good writing habits

I hope to learn a kind of Kung Fu.

People can fly to New hope

I hope that the suffering of others-yan

Others reported good news

Kitajima, Mu Dan, and haizi

Can I learn your fur

You learn the spirit of

Which sustain the spirit of

Although I was not born in the Mainland

But I have the spirit of the Hong Kong-style

Always the patriotic people of Hong Kong

China will always support the land

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