Judge By Experience

Poem By Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

A lonely tear falls down
A smile turns to frown
Trickles down the cheek
Does not make you weak

A lonely tear escapes
A lifetime of mistakes
A sad and lonely heart
Others broke apart

A lonely tear is dried
So many nights it cried
A friend reached out their hand
And tried to understand

The lonely tear is gone
Life will carry on
With love from a friend
The lonely tears will end

Comments about Judge By Experience

I loved this peom, I can relate to it,10 years ago, my heart broke and this was my life for 1 month. Beautiful.
loved the poem, it touched my heart
its very nice as jona said it did not end with a sad ending and that is wat nice about it
Its touching. i really like it,
this poem was very good. i did exsecialy like it because it is not ended on a depressing note. it is always nce to have happy ening once ina while. ;)

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