LLL (30th October 1992 / Singapore)

A Lonely Warrior

Today slided into yesterday
One day by one day, they passes with the disheartening sameness
The darkening of sky welcomes the coming of dusk
And the sun would arise from the horizon soon after
The grass would be dotted by the trees' litter
A gentle snowfall for the silent white purity of this winter

I clutched the pommel of my saber
And gazed at the yawn of space ahead as if mimicking the path to my inner

I lost sight of the key to my character
It doesn't matter, it just takes a smile for them to determine my nature
Even though my strength is merely weakness in hidden
A seemingly strong armor which would shreds to pieces
But none gave a kind insistence attention

Instincts honed in on something I had already guessed
My life is not meant to be disturbed

Roaming around with no one to teach me anticipation...

~Low L.L, Jasmine

by Low Li Ling Jasmine

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