A Lonely Whisper

Poem By Amanda Seymour

Do you hear me
My cry so soft
and lonely whisper
I'll speak it soft

If you listen closely
You will hear my thoughts
It is clear my death is near
The pain is haunting no fault to fear
A thousand years I feel I've lived
Never knowing to be a kid

Betrayal and lies though I always give
I do not know why I should live

Do I matter or am I not worthy of love
Am I just the skin you find convince of
Conmpanionship, worth or royalty of your sadist community affection

Can you feel, know I need to heal from the ravage of life and lack of love from the women who bore to my torment ND life long distortion of women
To you I feel small as if nothing at all
Maybe it is you who needs my fears and thoughts to know what you could have
Lonely thoughts you appreciate what you have.

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Cant help but drop my tears...... a big 10+++++++

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