Tired Of The Same Old Same Old?

Are you getting tired of the same old same old?
Are things about as exciting as watching leaf mold?
Are you bored with the infinite tedium of your day?
Is everything just a quay of gray?
A passe replay of every yesterday?
A stale ashtray of ashes gray?
Are you stuck in the doldrums?
Is life just a bowl of stale crumbs?
Has zest been boiled out and all you do is yearn?
Is your passion as passionate as a controlled burn?
Ain't life swell.
I too had a case of ennui. Phooey,
Said I, I want a life plumb full of screwy
My life was just a yawn of tedium ever so monotonous
I felt I would go mad it made me feel so anonymous
So I rode into the desert bareback on my horse
Thinking we would take a different course
Up the steep flank of a sand hill
He was full of strength, he would not be rode to a standstill
Want a little excitement in your life?
Maybe a little wild life? A dash of strife?
A super rush? A super-dooper flush of a rush?
Well wait till a pheasant pops up out of a sagebrush
Flying straight up into your horse's stomach! !
And you? You have no saddle horn, you silly lummox! !
Then boredom will seem a most desired summit
Whilst into a prickly group of cacti you plummet.
~~~~~~~~©2018 Susan Williams

by Susan Williams

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To be indifferent to love Alan, is to be alone. You won't find anyone who will stay in such a one sided relationship for long, but I suspect, whoever gets the job will bring back the warmth in your breeze! Smiling at you, good to read you again, Tai, wishing you lots and lots of love to come....