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A Long Time Ago
LB (1/15/94 / brooklyn)

A Long Time Ago

There was a time when there was a loving father
And a daughter and he loved her.
They were never apart
inseparable? dont make me start.
they laughed and were glad
then one day the dad turned mad.
he put a gun to the mother's head
and said 'if you move, you'll be dead'
the daughter thought he was lying
he turned to her and said 'in a minute you'll be dying'
the daughter lost all hope for the dad
from that day on she was sad.
he went to jail and did his sentence
the daughter thought that was it.
she gave him another chance
again, they laughed and danced.
the father made promises that the duaghter thought he'll keep
but little and little they became to seep.
he lied and lied to no end
even she knew that was a sin.
she thought she could trust him again and again
he gave his word, she threw it in the bin.
never again can she give him another chance
she be better offf with a random guy named lance.
they used to bask in all thier glory
but never again cause this is my story.

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Lucy, is this your life story? ? by the way nice poem! ! ! :)