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A Long Waited Dream
NR (11/10/1989 / Dhaka, Bangladesh)

A Long Waited Dream

I dream of that starry night
When you and I shall unite
Forever and ever
I dream of the day
When we will be tied in a bond
Forever lasting peace
I dream of that golden day
Where our love will know no boundary
Where our joy will know no limit
The day our pure love
Will be symbolized by millions
Oh my white dove
My heart starts ponding faster and faster
As though caught in a swirling wind of a cyclone
Racing against time
With the rythmn of drum beats
Saying out loud,
Its time
I sighn treaty
And declare our pure love to the world.
My white dove,
Can you hear the drum beats getting loouder and louder?
Can you hear your beat racing faster and faster?
Its a sign
That we come nigh and nigher
Until our lengthening hands are tied in a knot
Forever and ever

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