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A Long Way North Of Koroit

A long way north of Koroit in Victoria near the coastal City of Warrnambool
To Millstreet Town in old Duhallow where i went to primary school
In years going back close to six decades and time as ever ticking on
And all i have left are the memories of Seasons in the forever gone

In Winter i can visualize Clara in his hat of January snow
When the migratory redwing thrushes are chirping on the bare hedgerow
Whilst cattle for fodder are bellowing in the farm sheds for silage or hay
When the bare fields of mid morning from overnight frost are looking gray

In Spring it was so very different when the nesting birds did whistle and sing
Nature in her many Seasonal colors such joy to so many does bring
In the beautiful countryside i was raised in where to many i would be a stranger today
Yet absence makes the heart grow fonder as the wise person does say

The primary schoolboy of the fifties is in his life's physical Fall
And all he has now are the memories of the what used to be to recall
Some of those i went to school with amongst the deceased now do lay
And some of them remain in Millstreet and more from there age far away

Far north of Koroit in Victoria where with my young friends i played football
But on looking back the years went so quickly and it does not seem that long at all
Since i went to school in Millstreet but since then many a Yesterday
And time on my life keeps on ticking and ticking and ticking away.

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