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A Long Way Out Of Date

A war fought more than three hundred years ago they see fit to celebrate
One might say they are not up with the times a long way out of date
What happened three hundred years ago can hardly be of relevance to today
That seems more than living in the past that does seem fair to say
Old war memories and old grudges passed down from people for centuries in the grave
The pathway to enlightenment they hardly helped to pave
They live with a bitter legacy with them bygones not gone
A battle fought and won three centuries ago in their thoughts living on,
On the pathway that leads to peace and reconcilation one step they have not trod
They believe that those who are different to them are the children of a lesser god
Celebrating a battle won three centuries ago seems ludicrous to me
These people do seem out of date in the twenty first century
They celebrate their warring ancestors in parades and in song
And on believing that this is relevant to today they sure have got it wrong.

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