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A Long Way South Of Claraghatlea

On many roads of south eastern Australia I've driven up and down
A long way south of Claraghatlea a mile from Millstreet Town
And my old home by the Millstreet-Rathmore road where my life's journey began
Where I first grew to love Nature as I grew into a man
In Winter there was much rainfall with many a cold spell
But Spring brought greeness to the place as I remember well
And April came and brought her bloom and the countryside looked green
And everywhere one turned to look great beauty to be seen
The cattle out of wintering sheds on lush grass weight did gain
And wildflowers in the grassy fields were blooming after rain
And dark winged swallows home to breed from places far away
And nesting wild birds in the leafy groves were singing all the day
A long way south of Claraghatlea the years have left me gray
And in this mostly sunny Southern Land my last remains may lay.

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