Had we our senses

Had we our senses
But perhaps 'tis well they're not at Home
So intimate with Madness
He's liable with them

Had we the eyes without our Head—
How well that we are Blind—
We could not look upon the Earth—
So utterly unmoved—

by Emily Dickinson

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And the prize is knowing that Jesus is coming! ! ! !
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious..goodday.......your piece is very nice..to win the game is not easy to do..race is a contest..courage, and patience is a must...goodluck to a winner..naizz
brilliant religious poem with a deeper meaning.......... thanks
Payyton. this is a supercalifralisticexpealidotious poem
hi it is a poem written right words/phrases and is worth reading.nice work.posted 10 for u love surya