PE (May 27 / Fort Polk, Louisiana)

A Long Worthy Race

They see us, they laugh, they turn their backs.
They mock the cross and cut us no slack.
With cold cruel eyes and hearts like stone.
The world is dark with no love shown.

It's not an easy race, but it's worth the run.
It's a long wait but soon we'll be done.
Sometimes we stop and sometimes we fall
But with our Coach, we'll learn to stand tall.

It's a steady pace and it takes a while
But with a God like mine you could run for miles.
It's a race for the quick, it's a race for the bold
And that trophy is worth more than silver and gold.

Throughout all time that prize will last
But you have to be strong, you have to be fast.
You must know your path and know you goal
With all you heart and all your soul.

And the world, they trip us and take us off course
They cheat and they lie with a brutal force.
But to win that race, to touch that prize
You have to know where that gold relies.

The gold in loving that awesome race
The gold in seeking God's love and his face.
The joy in taking step by step
Where heroes have walked and winners have wept.

It's not an easy race but it's worth the run.
It's a challenging race not many have won.
It's a dream worth dreaming, it's a fight worth fighting.
It's a goal worth chasing, it's a story worth writing.

It's the life worth living, it's the picture worth drawing.
The true step of faith, it is the calling.

It's not an easy race but it's a race worth running
And the prize is knowing that Jesus is coming.

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And the prize is knowing that Jesus is coming! ! ! !
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious..goodday.......your piece is very win the game is not easy to do..race is a contest..courage, and patience is a must...goodluck to a winner..naizz
brilliant religious poem with a deeper meaning.......... thanks
Payyton. this is a supercalifralisticexpealidotious poem
hi it is a poem written right words/phrases and is worth reading.nice work.posted 10 for u love surya