SAS (June 9,1983 / Jersey City, NJ)

A Longer Stay

straying away from existence
trying to ease the pain
because i lose it within an instance
and i'm back to square one again
trying to act civil
trying not to cry
feeling caught in the middle
of being alive and wanting to die
ashamed of how things ended
without the chance to say goodbye
no chance for any words transended
just left with a question, why?
keep saying i am strong
holding my head high
but feeling like i no longer belong
ever since you're not here by my side
there's so much i wanted to say
but the words will go unsaid
cant stop you from going on your way
when i'm alive and now you're dead
just wish i could turn back time
and save you from that day
put life back on an instant rewind
so that you get a longer stay

Dedicated to my very close friend: Nelson F. Lopez

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