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A Look At A Pit
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

A Look At A Pit

Take another look over that ridge
see that there is no more hope bridge
what about the other side
where the storm was that one time u had to hide
is it gone where is it where is it
am in a pit
so easy to look up nothing down
is the bottom here am i to drown
in this darkness surrounded by light
no one here to hold me tight
console my fear tell me its all ok
just someone to say
something that would make me feel of worth
why is it so dark
this is not the green park
with the cliff that overlooks the ridge
connected by my bridge
where o where is it
there is something tangible here
so dark i have tangible fear

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david you r not n this alone...you no that....i no that...just don't give up on hope and the ones who love you dearly~hazel