A Look Of Death

Blades of blood caress the fleshy abode
Their steel of red flowing through bone
Triumphantly emerging out of human soul
Blades of blood bring peace to the home

Screams of pain shatter the souls of plains
Stabbing like a knife through their veins
Purging the sins of the ones they slain
Screams of pain make the pure stop stains

Burning eyes they catch the prize
Showing them their true demise
As they gather here we lie
Burning eyes that’s where the truth lies

Shadows of darkness fill the air with fright
Their deadly aura makes the strongest mortal lose his might
Their sickly gaze evades all but night
Shadows of darkness endeavor the good man’s right

So with the combining of these four tendons
Is the makings of war and spent freedoms
Hide in the shadows from them if you must
But in the end war shall spread like greed and lust

by Alex Fischer

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