My Lovely Beauty Princess, I Love You So Much From All My Heart Cause My Soul Is In Your Hands

My lovely beauty princess, I love you so much from all my heart cause my soul is in your hands, Please my lovely lady except my small gift from me & don't forget me cause you are very expensive life on me & expensive more than from whole my life, I hate the world without your love & I will kill myself if you forget me cause you are my other half simply, Please my lovely princess tell me what can I give you a gift? what kind of gift can express my love to you? I couldn't find this gift yet cause nothing can express what I feel here deep inside, Inside my white romantic heart honey, I'm dying on you darling let the whole world know if I couldn't come in one day to see you for seconds my life is nothing in that day, I found my happiness with you only in your angel eyes & you know this from very a long time, I had never slept for days cause I'm always thinking & thinking of you in all the night every day, The life will became a paradise if we sit each other someday, The whole world asked me one day about you how you are look like? I answered them & I told them she is a princess came from the far space for me, She is a gift from the sky & nobody have her awesome magic beauty in whole the world cause she is very special lady, She is the princess that my heart chosen her directly from all these beautiful ladies, My heart doors opened to her from the first time I saw her for moments, All the seas is inside her angel eyes in her magic eyes lashes specially, So please my lovely princess after all this my heart simply will became a happy if you are look at me for once, Honey you are the lady who I will stay love her forever in whole my life to the death, I swear to you on this, You know what I mean.

by Ali Sabry

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it's brilliant, it's huge! . Take that china!
Brilliant, this poem is absolutly brilliant
Brilliant, absolutly Brilliant!
Absolutely brilliant!
Brilliant, this Poet is really growing on me!
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