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A Loser You Never Will Be

If you can accept what life gives you in grace though times for you have been quite tough
And never complain to others of your lot as a person you are good enough
You refuse to surrender to your ghosts of despair and with life's battle carry on
You feel that life for you could even be worse and all hope out of your life has not gone
You feel that your luck may be about to change the gift of hope is a wonderful thing
You do not seek sympathy of any sort the praises of people like you one ought sing
You are not a quitter you never have been though today for you another bad day
You have been known to say times for you could be worse you see life in a positive way
On the dole with a wife and two young children to support for work every day you do try
In life success does come to those who try hard and that to you too must apply
Eventually you will get a job start perseverance for you it will pay
Everything comes to those who do wait this is what a wise one did say
If you can accept what life gives you in grace though you are in dire poverty
Then you are a person one ought to admire for a loser you never will be.

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