The Goddess Of Stone

The mystery of legend around her has grown
The one never seen and to none she is known
She lives on Mt Kolor aloof and alone
The Goddess referred to as the Goddess of Stone
Mt Kolor the wooded volcanic hill with stones all around
She walks in the dark of night on the high ground
The Goddess of Stone as old as father time
Has inspired the writers to story and rhyme
Mt Kolor her Queendom 'tis there she reside
In a hidden cave in the daylight she hide
She is not a mortal like you and like I
The Goddess of Stone is not destined to die
She lives on Mt Kolor aloof and alone
And she is referred to as the Goddess of Stone.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (8)

Wonderful..... superb........ Great...... and words just pierce the side of my heart....
A beautifully conceived captivating poem. Thanks for sharing it here.
Nice this is really a great poem for lovers
Oh, but this is such a lovely poem. It is elegant and gracious and his rhymes don't force a line to do contortions. He may have lost her but we gained a fascinating poem!
Wonderful journey to lands of imagery, where there shall not be any disturbance but love disorders.
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