A Lost Girl

Poem By uder pressure

The feeling that builds
inside her body, her
soul, her mind.
where does it come from?
Harder and Harder every day
to keep that smile on her face
it locks away the secrets pressed
between her lips
A Gaping space in her stomach
not from hunger but from guilt and lonliness
She feeds on that feeling
to get her through the day
she tells herself
just get through it, soon
things will get better
but deep down she does not believe.
Pushing herself she has made it
this far.
Her most trusted people have betrayed her.
She doesn't blame the.
How can other people love her
when she can't love herself?

Comments about A Lost Girl

nice poems, deep..it says alot
What sort of opening comment is that by Tai Chi, keep writting my friend encouragement is free as most good things in life are, luxuries cost and are often forgotten 10 Chris
How can others love her poetry when she doesn't edit her work? springs to this mind UP! We have to work on ourselves to get that feel good factor, sometimes very hard indeed. Doing nice things for ourselves, like spending money on luxuries occasionally. Try it and you may find yourself, smiling a little, Tai

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