A Lost Love

so we fell in love
a love that wasnt meant to be
i love him, but i guess hes not the one for me
we're to young to be forever
but promised it wont be never

i still just want to cuddle up in his arms
and stay away from the worlds harms
they say we're to young to know what love is
but i know my heart will always be his

i understand that its not cause im not wanted
its cause our love got all knotted
this crazy world got us all caught up
and my mistakes caused a little hiccup

i said somethings, he found someone new
but says i still will never stop loving you
one day when we are all grown
our love, back together, can be sewn

i wonder how long ill have to wait
to get back the love i tried to fix to late
i promise to never forget that love, no matter what will happen
and i hope he will always know i'll be there to listen

i'll always leave that spot in my heart
even if a new love could ever start
so my love, hear the words i cry
i love you and will until i die

by Nikohl Egan

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Very sad and beautiful Anjana