In Poetry There Is No Poverty

there is no poverty in poetry: it is a rich world
of flowers
and magic, of images that imaginations create
a warm sun
the deep blue sea, some mysteries of words
that come
and seemingly carry with them a bountry of meanings

liberation, oblation, jubilation
birds coming out from our mouths
butterflies from our
fireworks from our minds
in multicolors
to the darkest skies
of this earth

where can poverty
in a world of freedom: to say what you want to say
to think what you want to think
to dream
to imagine
to find meanings where others think there are none?

the secret garden
a path
a gate
a hiding place for all of us who still believe
about life
and aftelife and life after life

temporary deaths
and temporary losses

a jump a leap to the world beyond us
to eternity
we are meant

this i think is poetry and surely
there can never be


by Ayi Escalona

Comments (10)

I little thought it thus could be In days more sad and fair That earth could have a place for me, And thou no longer there.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The heartache underlying these 4 lines reaches out and grabs me... reminding me we are all prone to this ending. I think I will read more of his poems
Wonderful poetry on love. There is nothing more sublime than a pure love that flows so thick in the lines of this poem. Simply amazing.
While memory holds her reign! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Wow! ! Nice and romantic love poem, i love it
Twere sweeter sleeping at thy side, than watching here alone. - I love this! ! ! ! !
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