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A Lost Poem
SW (Midnight on July 31,1991 / Spring Branch> TEXAS :))

A Lost Poem

Last night I had this amazing poem,
stuck in my head,
But much to tired, I thought, “Oh I’ll remember.”
and jumped into bed!
Now this morning, try as I may,
I cannot remember,
what this poem was about!
Love….snow…or winter!
I wish I could remember because it was
both beautiful and bright,
If only I had taken the time
to simply sit and write!
Now you my dear reader,
will simply have to trust,
This poem was lovely,
but now its not here,
And this poem about nothing
is merely a distorted mirror,
Of what this perfect poem
Was to be,
But I guess we’ll just have to imagine,
Both you, and me.

To all the poems that should have been, but we were to lazy to write them......

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Comments (8)

A nice poetic imagination, Starr. You may like to read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks
Yes, very true. It is a beautiful write. Love.....................................................Risha
I've done it a million times and will do it many more. cool write. But if we did not forget good poems then we would not be able to write peoms like this. ~Inkweaver
I don't think there is a single writer alive who hasn't written the most perfect poem ever written (at bedtime) and it is GONE by morning! Very funny write. Scarlett
I think we can all relate here! Very frustrating! Nice write Starr. Sincerely, Mary
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