A Lost Poem

Last night I had this amazing poem,
stuck in my head,
But much to tired, I thought, “Oh I’ll remember.”
and jumped into bed!

by >Starr Williams< Click to read full poem

Comments (8)

A nice poetic imagination, Starr. You may like to read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks
Yes, very true. It is a beautiful write. Love.....................................................Risha
I've done it a million times and will do it many more. cool write. But if we did not forget good poems then we would not be able to write peoms like this. ~Inkweaver
I don't think there is a single writer alive who hasn't written the most perfect poem ever written (at bedtime) and it is GONE by morning! Very funny write. Scarlett
I think we can all relate here! Very frustrating! Nice write Starr. Sincerely, Mary
Ahh, yes, many a times I too have delayed the penning of inspiration...and then forgotten my poem. Or simply fallen asleep before I could reach the pen. Still I very well written poem. -landrey
Forgetfulness is a nature and do not worry of lost things in this material world and I praised Lisa's comments which is perfectly correct.Keep on writing until the candle burns! Good luck Starr!
Oh no Starr, this happened to me once. I typed up a poem straight from my head onto the pc. The pc froze and I lost my poem. I was so upset. I kinda regained it though. I can be lying in bed and a poem comes to my head so I jump out of bed and write it down. Then another line comes into my head so I get up and write it down again and thats all I do all night and Paul keeps asking in a very sleepy voice.'Darling what are you doing? ', I reply'well if I dont write it down now I'll forget it in the morning'hehe.xxxxxxxx