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A Lost Prayer

I am here
among these lonely
tides of faith
roaring loudly
in my ears.

Lost voices
screaming warnings
in an antique tongue.
Sounds like trumpets
and birds.

Farther away
peace is still alone,
in the forests,
in the hills.

I ask
the world why
it mocks man.
It just smiles
and whistles.

by Sandra Osborne

Comments (7)

Another great poeem fromy ou dear friend. I have missed you heaps
This poem is great. And I don't mean 'great', in the sense that your favorite restaurant is great. I mean 'great' in the sense that Abraham Lincoln was great. And I don't just say that because I love you. I've read a gazillion of your poems, and loved most of them. But this one...this one is great.
I loved it. Specially how the world 'smiles and whistles'. :)
Thank you guys, I really humbly thank you.
Profound and beautiful imagery. I love this. Chrissie
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