A Lost Sheep Comes Home

My burden was so heavy, it seemed more than I could bear
as I trudged down a lonely, lonely road
No one anywhere seemed to care
or offer to help me, or share my load

Friends who had enticed me, life is short come with us and play
Let's drink deep of life's champagne- enjoy all it's glitter
All those friends one by one had faded away
Life's champagne had lost it's glitter, and the dregs are so
Than I saw a little butter fly flutter by
On gossamer wings it soared toward the blue
as it soared away it seemed to say, if God cares for one such as I he
surely cares for you.
Trembling I fell to my knees to pray
In shame for what I had done the words just wouldn't come
with deep groaning within I finally managed, Lord I am sorry
I just want to come home
It seemed as if I heard a whisper, welcome child we have been waiting
for you
each mile you trod away from God, a prayer followed you
and an eye of love from above watched each step you trod away
there will be much rejoicing here, and in heaven too
One of the master's lost lambs has found his way home today

by J. Laverne McCawley

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