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A Lost Soul

I can honestly say I'm truly broken to the point of no return.
I hold here against my chest a withered delicate but not so fragile letter of concern.
I bless the soul who had a genuine feeling for a loss, caring, loving, gentle, hearted being like me.
I lost my hope in a casket buried where I have hidden the key.
The only key to my treasured freedom enclosed in a over-driven and possessed mind, it's been living and feeding off kindness from a world who is never kind.
There's a book of many pages of the most beautiful things my soul desires.
But my willingness threw it in a harmless blazing fire
When the sadness comes and I'm left here alone.
While the wind is blowing and my dress is half sewn.
And the little voices are calling me to be only strong in a mist.
Where only grown men would dare throw fists.
And I paused and didn't stop to think.
Then, feeling my heart in my throat while the rhythm is out of synch.
Its Persuasion leaving me battling with the storms while holding mystical thunders.
The steps I take seem to be elevating on wishful blunders.
The pain located where my forgotten memories lay.
They relocate where love was held and they'll stay until their part is on repeated play.
A stone becomes my home and the rock can only be my comfort.
My words are drained in a unseen culvert.
Relying on it to do and say good things.
It's confused about why it was born of care but still manage to cut skins with the dose of dirty things.

by Rachel Aurelien

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