A Lot Like Me But Smaller

Poem By Anna Moriarty Lev

she looks alot like me
but smaller
this girl.
she writes on walls
and catches fish.
she plummets.
this girl.
she looks alot like me but smaller
and hides in the back of the room.
she kisses boys on rooftops
and leaves them
on the ground floor.
she swims in dark oceans
smelling of palaces.
she is pulled by malamutes
and holds on tight.
this girl. she looks
a lot like me but
smaller and pulls loose strings
from her jeans ripped open at the knee
because she fell.
she looks
she looks
alot like me but smaller
but smaller
this girl.

Comments about A Lot Like Me But Smaller

...I like it, it's a fun read
Very fun, love the way it ends! -chuck
Anna, Great feel to this poem. Really enjoyed it and particularly like the title and repetition of it (the title) through out. Thanks Gypsy
Kinda like this poem. It's wacky and unusual.

4,1 out of 5
5 total ratings

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