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A Lot Of Good People

A lot of good people are locked up in jail
In Countries governed by autocratic regimes the flawed justice system them did fail
For having the courage to speak out against the ruling government is their only crime
Deprived of their human and lawful rights in their life's prime
Thousands of people in Countries governed by despots imprisoned wrongfully
Without any hope of ever again being set free
Many of them in prison till the day they do die
This is how life is in some Countries though one wishes this were a lie
Where in fear of reprisals to speak against the government people feel cowed
In Countries where only positive comments on the political leaders are allowed
In such Nations it does not pay for to speak your mind
If in your words the government can feel a threat of some kind
A lot of good people are in prison today
For criticizing their government from the outside World locked away.

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