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A Lot To Learn

Did I ever fail you
When you wanted me around
I came running, almost panting
Wishing not to lose a single moment
Did I ever hurt you
When you said it could be the last
I felt like going crazy
Fearing you would be gone from me
Come now, hold me tight
Crush me in your arms tonight
Let me feel the burning flame
Straight from your heart before the night will end
There's a lot to learn
Why love could be this fascinating
There's a lot to know
Why I am this madly in love with you

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I feel myself in your arms, and feel the hot flame burning from your heart, you just handsomely put on simple words that have explained so much, Good poem poured out so natural from your heart and speech.....good!
Sometimes we love passionately and wonder why, sometimes we know and sometimes we don't. Good poem Little Star--Melvina--