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I Love You

I put my love for you in verses,
all the love poems are for your eyes.
I send my heart and soul in hearses,
and i'll send my dead body unless you say otherwise.
For no one in this world,
is able to love you like i do.
I'd die if yu said the word,
revife me and say i love you..
Every thing for your sake i did,
my love went far beyond an ordinary love.
I love you with my heart and my head,
and my soul and my all and in every land i rove.
Is there is happiness more,
than which i'll feel if i held your hand?
And when i open my door,
to your beautiful face, unable to understand.
I pray to be in a time,
just a little time you think of me.
Will you be mine?
and will you return for me? ?
When i call you on the phone,
and i hear your hello in silence.
I hang up to realise i'm alone,
and i'm loving you with vilonce.
But i stay happy for the rest of the day,
knowing that we had even a moment to share.
Even though you don't know it's me i pray,
but i'd do whatever to cause your heart to care.
Waking up in the morning,
make up and the best clothes on.
I see you without a warning,
i die in you but my life goes on.
My life goes on to love you again,
and the word i love you still crosses my mind.
All around me dissapear and you remain,
i'm so in love with you,
why can't i leave you behind? ?

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