A Lot

Throw your head back again
And sing out again
There is something wrong with the way it looks
There is something right with the way you do that
Never would I have imagined
Thinking like this
Nor should I be thinking these thoughts

Talking in my sleep
Or am I sleeping as I talk
What is it called at this age?
What is it called at this time?
A crush, Insomnia
A rush, A lot on my mind

My minds on a lot
Of things I would
Do to you, say to you, do for you
I would not though
For it’s a crush, a rush
Insomnia, with a lot on my mind

by Absent Wryta

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Comments (4)

When there is a lot on mind, one becomes insomniac. Lorraine has given some good suggestions. Regards Naseer
'A Lot'....more than a crush...perhaps. Methinks.....you've fooled around.....and fell....in love!
Wow! I've experienced that feeling.When I can't sleep I pour myself a glass of milk, light a candle and sit in the darkened living room.Good poem.
Well what is it I wonder, nice piece regards Tom