A Lousy Lump Of Sand.

Poem By Honny Zubedi

In this winter afternoon, sitting alone;
For a lovely, loving partner, I long.
I think, gazing outside the open window;
Surely, into a love-hungry-human I'll grow.
Traveling alone, knowing not, where;
To claim her, I would not dare.
For I am nothing compared to her;
A lousy lump of sand, to the moon~~~I appear.

dated: 12/26/1978.

Comments about A Lousy Lump Of Sand.

Thanks dear, for your appreciation.It's my reply to your question, that it's me, myself.Do you believe in ghosts? If not, I'll visit you someday.
alas, the lump of sand has returned to dust! perhaps he is looking down on the moon this evening? a nice poem. it is nice that someone is now sharing Honny's poems with us. thanks. who are you? bri :) p.s. a nice bio as well.

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