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A Love Alone.

When the morning blue sky begins in shine,
as though the world may all be benign,
my heart discovers the love you can't find,
and this failure unto me is mine,
for as your smile beloved for all times,
not of me will you awake beside.

And I will never shame to tell it true,
of a love to loneliness-to you,
and when the sky is gray with falling rain,
as my soul within believes to be,
only of you will my heart ever see,
but alone without you I shall be.

And no sooner of folly to meet man,
that it may first greet my love alone,
for I know it a hopeless midnight dream,
yet I dare to wish of you and me,
in a fairy tale where you feel a love deep;
but its truth a lonely memory.

And though your heart chose never to bear me,
and your dreams never to foresee me,
this love I will always carry in me;
and though our souls never acquainted,
and our paths not of the same destiny,
I feel you will always be in me.

and how the stars of the night provoke hope,
as though their glow could reach my sad soul,
but in the distance a storm is coming,
with mighty thunder near to vain,
and warm rain akin to only my pain,
but nothing of my fear will it gain.

This melody my soul keeps whispering,
that is not of the day or the night,
but of the many moments fallen by,
now screams ill of a somber goodbye,
its sounds out forth struck by some spiting cry;
alike in me-my broken hearts sigh.

Then when the rain dwindles to a fine mist,
and the earth bellows of a love missed,
there within the tomb I will reminisce,
of you and all this madness in bliss,
yet through the abyss my heart sings as true,
as a flower blooms in me of you.

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