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A Love Hate Relationship
FD Francis Duggan ( / )

A Love Hate Relationship

Every evening i hear the fellow next door quarreling with his wife
Their angry voices bring no joy to my life
For months on end between them it has been this way
One has to wonder why with each other they do choose to stay
With two primary school going children a girl and a boy
Their parents constantly shouting at each other cannot bring them much joy
Theirs is a dysfunctional relationship in truth one can say
Since their war of words continues from day to day
They are not the type of people i wish to live near
Since their verbal domestics are not pleasant to hear
Yet sometimes i see them in the park walking hand in hand
Human behavior at times seems hard to understand
Most evenings shouting at each other them i do hear
That theirs is a love hate relationship seems obviously clear.

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