A Love Hate Relationship

It’s a love hate relationship
It’s been like this from the start
He lied to me, tricked my heart
Took my innocence and left me to have no choice
Took control of me his was the only voice
But, now I must sadly regret
He had lustful eyes the day we met
This is a love hate relationship
This is where its at
I want to lay down so bad
And if I don’t, he’ll push me onto my back
If I try to resist the house will echo a loud smack
He talks to me like I’m his property
He touched me like he paid the fee
And when we argue
He holds up his ring
Tries to explain what marriage means
It’s a love hate relationship
He tells me respect is what I lack
And if I laugh
It’ll be nothing but a blood bath
I’m not ashamed to admit I was wrong
And now the nights feel so long
It’s a love hate relationship
I hate to love him
And he loves to hate me
His hostile eyes full of rage
His anger builds up as he takes the stage
I go through what we had
I realize there is no reason to get mad
One day I’ll just get even
Hurt him till he’s on his knees pleading
Look at what we have
Common now this abuse is just sad
I let go
Yea, this is the end
A love hate relationship will now just be my past
Because that kind of relationship could never last

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Instead of 'one day' act today, but instead of getting 'even', get out! ! ! A compulsive read with a clever title. Regards, Gina.
You are quite right Victoria, those sort of relationship eventually self destruct, never meant to last. I have known a lot of women in a relationship you describe. A lot of it is to do with fear on both sides, and lack of communication to understand each other better. That's what it is all about in my book. I am enjoying your work,10 from Tai