A Love Lost

Withering dead from the mid afternoon heat
As flame to charcoal, igniting into a furious defeat
Pain initiated from within expels into the spring time air
Spreading my anger, my hate, and all of my despair

My love has shattered like ice chips falling to the ground
But not lost forever, as this bond is one that forever bound
Lies, confusion, and the fear of the great unknown
Pollinating, spreading seed, to bloom into a beautiful rose

I walked away from the one that I call my one true love
Only because I am afraid to tell her all of my hopeful thoughts
The fear of conveying all the words that I wanted to say
To tell her I love her, and I wanted to see her every day

To offer my protection, as this angel would too protect me
To wake up together, and each night to fall asleep
To make her my wife, as she is my one true love
Ask her to marry me, as our fate shall rise above

But now its in the past from the mistake that I have made
I walked away from my true love because I was scared and afraid
She is my best friend, the epiphany of my true happiness
The light of my life, the key to my soul, my angelic princess

All I have now is a withering dead rose petal
From my our fear, my heart has died forever and ever
I love her, and will miss her for all of time
Only if I had the courage to ask you to be my wife

by Nyrical Poet

Comments (5)

It's never too late..time moves fast I grant you that, but its never too late!
realy nice thanks for sharing^^
realy nice thanks for sharing^^
Such the pain of fear of taking that next step... nice write Alison
Eating a pound or two of regret tastes worst than no courage. Beautifully sad piece, well penned.