A Love Never Should Have Born

Poem By Asif Andalib

You burn my mind like hell
But it emits sweet smell!

Now you treat me like your childhood dolls
And turn my eyes into waterfalls!

Why have you made me fall in love -
You have stained my white shirt enough!

Now I know all our efforts are in vain
The closer we get the greater the pain!

Comments about A Love Never Should Have Born

It is better to have loved and lost, Than never to have love at all. I agree with you and your pain. A Love fully given, must never be a regret. Your heart is pure and you can be ready to love again. This is life.... I invite you to read some of my poems, too. A very nice poem indeed! Thanks for sharing.
Nice poem! As if u know exactly what am feeling.
That's what LOVE is, my friend...

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