A Love Poem For A Guy Named _____

Sir, Mr, Daddy…
You’ve got hands that feel like steel around my throat. Fetish-driven Wildman, Flesh-eating parasite…
How much I venerate you at your altar, my fair, fragile man.
Remember the time when our love was as pure as spring water, how much you filled my thirst for love.
‘Accept me! Accept me! Value me! Value me! ’
Maybe I was mistaken. Shaken by your wild eyes- -
They stole souls-they held them in mid air and swallowed them whole. Vomit them up into a mess of cries. Oh, how the cries would shrill high in the air, they could kill a man, they killed me.
All the cries of every woman past me-filled me with the aches of the world. They filled me with moltenfire, they filled me with sour milk, they filled me with salt walter, they filled me with carbon monoxide.
You played your role well. You were such a gentleman, you opened doors just to close them FIRMly behind you-lock it, and discard the key.
There was no escape. Love can be blind (Beware) Love can be fake (Beware) Love can lust (Beware)
I had a feeling, an intuition warn me. So I played you back.
You like control, big man? You like to feel like the king? You like the sensation and thrill of it? ?
I bite back like a serpent, I envy your power. I bite back like a widow, I envy your power.
Do I love you too much? Is it uncomfortable-Out of your control? What happened between you and mommy?
Does my forward-ness intimidate? Do my harsh words and dark thoughts frighten? I am what I am, I can eat you whole, if I wanted to. I can have your eyes on my plate, stick a pole down your throat and holler from one end, maybe then you can FEEL my words. Maybe now you can FEEL the aches. Ill tie you up by your limbs near the beckoning sea where you can forever hear the screams of all the women before me.

by Medusa Waves

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