JT (June 4th,1961...Gemini / Bronx, New York)

Just Deliver This

Stop thinking this and just deliver it
Show why this face should be embeded in our histories pages
Show the pay of my wages
Walk with me through the world of my thinking
You see the moving of my words meaning
Most think I'm always just dreaming
Only ideas I'm just singing
But its really our truth that I'm bringing
I keep trying to let you in..
Still left dumbfounded, I just try it over again
Take your mind for a spin
All there is now are more words to be written
More precise teaching...
I'm putting this down, but your minds don't seem to be reaching

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For the page found your thumb as it was fated to be, as the effect finds the cause and the cause finds you. the heart bleeding reader. you are my object the sensual stranger. very fine expressions dear poet.. tony
nice.. great.. the last lines surmises it all.. the lover never turned my corner.thanx for sharing this anyone's love poem dear poet...
Your words are captivating...typo.
Great poem John! Your word are captivating! !
The sensual stranger! Nice work.
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