Witch Will You Choose Love Or Death

Death will fall if hate consumes you
Love is the way of life
If you hate you’ll die alone
But if you love you’ll live a happy life
You finally made me realize I won’t die alone
I’ve hated and tried to love but no matter what it sucks but finally
I found you and now my eyes are
Open I don’t hate but I do love
And for ever and always I’ll love you

by Tim Efurd

Comments (13)

cleverly crafted. CP
Nice - this brought me a smile - I wasn't expecting it to end that way - It is lovely.
Very cute. Sometimes just coming out and saying it is the way to go.
The inconsistencies of love. A good one, saying it all. Warmly, Julia
Hahahahahahah! ! ! ! LOVE IT! Hee hee. Sorry, can't say more - am laughing too hard. Hugs Anna xxx
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