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A Love So Tragic
TRM (7/21/92 / Rochester MN)

A Love So Tragic

Poem By Tatianna Rei Moonshadow

(pt 1)
We seem so indifferent
Like we just don't feel
We've got cuts on our hearts
That will never heal
Beautiful as a train wreck
In that confusing way
Stuck in reverse
Living on yesterdays
We fall into the darkness
And drown in the sea
No love has ever been so tragic
As the love between you and me

(pt 2)
Your gorgeous as you always are
So beautiful no one could believe
That you could find such beauty
In someone like me
But we paint a pretty picture
We make it look so nice
With hearts hard as stone
And eyes carved from ice
Seperated only by distance
Our beauty envied by the stars
Our story so original
The tragedy of what we are

(pt 3)
Pick me up and carry me
Through our sweet abyss
Shroud me in your fantasy
Its not like I'll be missed
Give me all your heart
Your perfect in my imperfections
Look in the mirror and see it
That beautiful reflection
So we'll dance our way to freedom
We'll dance until we die
Forever framed in beauty
The tragedy of you and I

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Comments (10)

this is a true tragedy, good job.
I have read this poem quite often. It is haunting yet alluring, hard and yet hopeful. Reminds me of some of Tom Waits work.
very good keep up the work
wow very good some of the best i have ever read on this site once again great job
Another wonderful poem. Thanks for sharing.