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A Love So Warm

I heard your voice
In my heart
You touch me
With your heart
Show me the light
When I get lost
In the dark
You lift me up
When I get hurt
Save my soul
From the depths
Reveal the truth
In period of uncertainty
Hug me dear
When I’m in fear
You open the way
And bestow the key
Put back my smile
And the radiance
Of a life sweet and free
When no one else to share
You are always there
A helping hand
A love so warm
Thank you so much
My Saviour, my God..
I love you
With all of my heart

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Comments (6)

Great poetic praise to Our Lord, Our God, Our Saviour........the light upon the cross..........10
very passionate one. i love it.thanks md
This is true love and the great thing is to be able to say it with such transparency. I vote 10
Great poem! Hadda givya a tenner. God bless all poets-MJG.
Excellent poem Little Star, wonderful to let your Heavenly Father know how much you love him.-Love it--Melvina--
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