A Love So Wrong (Part 2)

He loves her so much,
This angel from god,
Nothing on earth,
Could change that fact.

She loves him back,
She truly does,
Even thought she is vampire,
And not meant to love.

But the pair is watched,
By two big powers,
You know them both,
God and the Devil.

They both know,
That this can’t go,
Thought God is sad,
And Satan disgusted.

They each place a spell,
On the loving pair,
A love so wrong,
Can’t be allowed.

The vampire searches,
For her beloved now,
She cannot see him,
He has vanished from her eye.

The same whit the angel,
He is all alone,
They can’t see each other,
Ever again.

They will stay here forever,
Searching for their love,
A love so wrong,

by Anna Turtle

Comments (2)

This is beautiful..... there is a feeling of contrast. I liked the style and the expressions.
Wow! ! ! I love part 2! : -) Thanx