HB (2/24/1932 / Houghton Lake, Michigan)

A Love Song

I've written her lots of little love poems,
the things that I've wanted to say,
but this will be the granddaddy of all,
hope it ends up going my way,
she is the best gal that I've ever seen,
the one that I want in my arms,
and one day soon, to her I'll croon,
I'm here with all of my charms,
I'll hold her so tight with all of my might,
afraid that she'll run away,
oh I love her dear and I want her right here,
right here never to stray,
we'll sing our love song, our whole life long,
it makes us so happy and gay,
and outside our door will be cattle galore,
we'll be happy just making them pay,
each day we can ride o'er the land side by side,
we'll ride just looking for strays,
and when we come down we'll go into town,
a place we that couldnt stay,
we'll go thru life hand in hand, because we both understand,
there could be no other way.

written by Harry Bryant
10/16/2000 9: 51: 38 AM ©

by Harry Bryant

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Hi Harry! Great write! A pleasure to read & thanks for sharing! *10*! ! Thad