A Love Song In Praise Of Nature

(Dear Readers
this is a tribute to the beauty of nature...creation which nobody can imitate...made this with Love)

The spent of the Red Sun
Movement dynamic
Space encircled by dynamism
The direction of Air
Sky without support
You know the secret of these miracles
But oh God! Thee know not thy beauty!
Rhythm of the tides
Resonating to the head shake
The big ocean with trumpeting waves
Taking rest in the quiet of night
Black sea born fish
Fathoming the abyss
The solo moon behind the clouds
Pregnant clouds blocking the sky
Stormy thunder
Tearing the ears
Wooden boat gliding through;
The child of the clouds
Descending on earth
Copulates with the sea water
Slowly and slowly
Like lovers of paradise;
The chilling breeze
Cooling the heart;
Twinkling stars
Peeping through the holes;
The moon lover young
Passing overtures on the rocks;
The cliff making a shadow
In return of that love;
What else do I want?
Oh God! Freeze this night forever!


by rajagopal haran

Comments (4)

Excellent work with good use of FOS and imagery.It looks as if everything is there in short arrangement of words.It is indeed a tribute.
yes what else can a heart want? nature is at its best! when the showers are just starting...! lovely read..enjoyed it!
Dear Savithri, very insightful question; when its a cloudy, rainy season stars and moon or sun would be visible now and then when the clouds scatter and rearrange themselves; otherwise the wording would have been twinkling; instead i used peeping which connotes the above explanaton; comparing me with Mahakavi Bharathiyar is out of your love for me; he is a Superstar; i am an ordinary star in side role
Very eloquent. Your beautiful hymn to nature resonates with this reader. Take care. Warmest regards, Sandra