A Love Story...

The sky had turned a scarlet hue
As the sun blushed a shy goodbye,
I lifted my veil to feel the evening breeze
And across the crowd something struck my eye.

Ur face…a memory from my dreams
The heart could feel what the eyes hadn't seen,
Strangers we were from different streets
Yet something inside spoke of a bond unforeseen.

I dreamt that night of many dreams
In your presence I had sensed a story begin,
But then shoved them aside as stupid whims
And woke up to the void my life had been...

But written in fate was something else
U and I were destined a tale,
In different worlds the hearts spoke a language same
Cupid's call beckoned us to play the heart's game.

In memories wall the day's still etched
When u and I walked through the waves
The splashing sea perhaps would have guessed
Two vagrant souls had found their summernest...

Born we were in different faiths
Yet our love transcended barriers resolute,
We knew no boundaries, nothing ever clashed
Disparities faded as the faith in our love grew.

In you I had found my paradise
My god, my faith, my soul's abode,
In this love, sanctity I realized
Without u all purpose seemed lost...

Lost we were in each other's eyes
Till the world found us and reality sighed,
Our love, our commitment- a sin they cried
Our gods, our faiths they said v had defied.

Two souls entwined with a love so divine
Yet the world called it a deed profane,
My sacred bond-a sacrilege it seemed
In the eyes of this world so blindly insane…

I cud fight this world with u by my side
Go against all for our love to survive,
But the day u saw us both on different sides
I felt as if something within me had died...

Never had I thought u separate from me
Our love I had thought was meant to be,
Yet when you broke the' we' into you and i
Our worlds fell apart- no reason I cud see.

Faith is to unify and not to divide
Yet today in its altar my love was sacrificed,
All that is remnant is a blackened soul
No hope, no desire, not a single shard of light.

Unable to find myself, unable to find any faith
To save which we had drifted apart in our ways,
Am lost somewhere in blue, unable to see direction
Empty and broken within, no strength to run the race.

Something that deep being uprooted
The shallow void will never heal,
The wounded heart…desolate and bleak
Shall ache for you yet never speak…

I see no point in going on
My love, my sun now being gone,
This piercing pain…too hard to fight
I wish not to surrender to endless nights.

The beginning being so beautiful
Can't bear an end so grim and bare
Than live to see the fate of my story die
I choose to close my eyes instead…

These pages left unwritten incomplete
Shall be written somewhere beyond this world,
In heaven or hell…if they exist
Or will there too stand a dividing wall?

by baisakhy dash

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Check whether your lover is fit for you. Some Love ends up with Restaurants, still worse in Hotel Rooms, Worst end in Divorce. Sincerely, I don't mean yours. But, Never to repent later. Many Loves are infatuation, illusions and Harmone induced, rather Nature's Agenda for its survival.There is no wrong in crossing over to a New Party as for as is Love is concerned which admits you.
this is beautiful, (=