An Adventure

Poem By brian odongo

The loss of a loved one is a hard thing to face,
The world speeds past, you can’t keep up the pace.

The minutes blur to hours and then into days,
Everything’s confusing, your mind in a haze.

This misery you fear will never end,
A pain your heart can’t comprehend.

In the silence of the night you ask yourself why?
And can’t find the strength to say goodbye.

Your eyes filled with tears, your heart broken in two,
It’s now that you wonder how you will make it thru.

But as the years start passing by,
You’ll notice the sunset in the sky.

The memories now bring a laugh and a smile,
You notice the tears haven’t flown in awhile.

Your life is now different, things aren’t the same,
But it can still be wonderful, even though it’s changed.

Debbie Casey
May 15,2014

Comments about An Adventure

Hello poet Debbie. WOW! I am so touched for you sharing your experience with your readers. The poem was great and very powerful and the author's notes were touching. May God's grace continue to strengthen you my friend. I post a piece earlier this week you might enjoy. It was inspired as I took part in a funeral of a young mother who committed suicide. It is titled, I'll Put Some Coffee On. Stay in touch, Loyd
Your poem is amazing and so heartfelt, and in your comment about time will heal all wounds being written by someone who did not experience true are so correct. Thank you fore this poem of comfort.
wonderful and beautiful, I like it, thanks. I invite you to read my poems..
Poetess' note helped a lot to understand her feelings. It's an impressive poem.

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