A Lovely Lass

Our lovely Sadie, is a lovely lady,
A lady shrewd, a lady who'd
Give a guy, the winking eye,
Then turn with a giggle, and give him a wiggle
Of her slinky hips, and those luscious lips
So ruby red, that make tingles spread
Up and down the spine, she's so pavonine.

But she's everyone's lover, as all will discover,
So sad, but true, but don't misconstrue,
She's, a lovely lass, and one with class,
One could always try, to catch her eye,
And ask for a date, she might reciprocate.
You could be her new bow, her Mr Righto,
So give it a chance, this could lead to romance.

by Ernestine Northover

Comments (6)

This one made me chuckle, sounds like my type of girl. Lovely flow to it too. Well written. Andrew x
I'm convinced. Give me her number, I'm already in love. Of course, I'm a romantic, so it could just be me. But that poem sure did help her case, and that's a good sign of good writing. Bravo. Greenwolfe 1962
a beautiful poem, quite enjoying, well penned yet, thanks
When at first i saw this title, i said...hey, it's not like Ernestine to write about her lovliness....but what the hey...let me read & decide on my own..And so glad i did! And i wondered how i didn't catch this one long ago...And true to the humble young lass you be....this work was not at all about thee... But it was great...and fluxing & crafted as all your versatile verings are...Brilliantly! FjR
A sure 10/10 - I VOTE..... I am really overwhelmed to see you smoothly drive through those words... you are an artist! GOOD WORK.
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