A Lovely Love.

Standing few yards,
Away from her gate.
In a foggy morning,
Waiting for her wait.

To come and open,
The unfortunate gate,
That prevents me everyday,
To see my soulmate.

I heard a cracking sound,
Perhaps the opening of the gate.
Was going to take place,
After a long pause of wait.

As I stepped ahead,
To make it more clear.
Whether it was some otherone
Or my lovely dear.

I saw her partial face,
Her uttering eyes and curly hairs.
As her lovely lips and dimpled cheeks,
Were covered and looked unclear.

Only our eyes encountered,
And we both made a swear.
To see us completely,
Without any social fear.

I then moved ahead,
Without looking back to rear.
Because we secretly made a promise,
To love eternally forever.

by Kumar Dheeraj

Comments (6)

I am quite sure she now trudges along side with you go the the jungles in silence as I always do now you two I abandon the jungles for you love be in the air for only two both of you
Wow! Very lovely and nicely penned one... Thank you for the poem being shared. With best wishes.
Good rendition of words from the heart embellished in beautiful rhyme. Lovely and very passionate. Thanks for sharing Kumar.
Looks like love is in the air! Take care and have a blessed day.
Because we secretly made a promise, To love eternally forever. at the end you make a big step forward to promise and promise to keep the promise...... thank you dear poet for this love poem. tony
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